Remembering someone who performed well with his given task is one way to lift up his spirit and to make sure he will continue to work properly. One way to recognize them is to honour them with recognition pins.

Recognition pins are usually given out to honour those who have been able to achieve a certain goal. These pins are usually lapel pins which show a symbol which signifies what was achieved and will be given during an event to honour those who deserve it.

recognition pinsRecognition pins are given out as a means of boosting morale among employees in a business. It is a way for those who work hard for their company to know that their efforts do not go unnoticed. Schools also give out their own pins to show they recognize the great work that a student has given. These are usually given out during the graduation ceremony, and are given as a special award. Other ways when a lapel pin is given out is when it becomes a symbol of honour for a person when he is being recognized in an organization. It can be part of his initiation into the group.

Recognition pins are usually made of metal and can undergo different methods of production. These are the common steps in making such a pin:

1.The metal that will be used is first moulded to follow the design that will be used.

2.Each mould is then cut and then the outline of the pin is the one that is cut next.

3.The method of attachment is soldered at the back of the metal portion of the pin.

4.Further metal plating is done to make sure that the pin will be as durable as possible. Afterwards it is then polished to make it shine, though the only ones that are polished are usually the pins made from brass.

5.Soft enamel is used to add colour to the design on the pin. Each colour is laid out and is made to make sure that each colour doesn’t end up mixing with another.

6.Once the layout of the colours is placed in properly, baking the design into the pin is done and is done at a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 15 minutes.

7.An optional coating of clear epoxy can be placed over the design of the metal pin as a way to both protect the design and to make the design shine as the end product.

Lapel pins will have different ways for it to be attached to your article of clothing. It depends on how the pin will be used and how the user will want it attached to his clothing:

•Butterfly clutch – This is the common type of clasp for a lapel pin. This is attached using a small prong from the back of the pin and the actual clutch is then pushed onto the prong.

•Jewelry clutch – This kind of clutch is simple, with how it can lock in place when it covers the prong.

•Safety clasp – A long prong is pushed into a small hook to lock it in place. It works the same way as a safety pin.

•Magnetic clasp – These are used during times when puncturing the clothing is not an option. A magnet will be found at the back of the pin and will attach to another magnet at the clasp itself. This style is not used often due to its weak support.

•Screw and nut – the clasp can be screwed into the prong; the prong will be threaded to act like a screw.

•Stick pin – This has a thin needle with a collar that protects the pin and leaves it in place.

Regardless of where it will be used, recognition pins will be the less expensive means of giving recognition to those who deserve it.

As soon as you decide on quitting smoking and making the transition to using an electronic cigarette, there lies a little doubt about how using e liquids becomes the better option, health-wise. Debates have been heating up on whether it is really safe to use these juices or not. There is a specific concern for how it will affect younger vapers in the long run. This is since reports over its potential hazardous effects on one’s system after a very long period of use are yet to be presented.

A few experts state that the introduction of the electronic cigarette would mean smoking’s end in America. The way it is brought to the public has lured in a large percentage of youth smokers, as well as older ones. While this may be seen by others as a way for vendors to make it big, the way it can help in lessening the number of smokers is a good sign.

However, some advertisers tend to stick to the notion that vaping is an effective move to stop cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, to date, evidence proving smoking cessation can easily be done through using e liquids is still lacking. There have been studies showing that the number of smokers who quitted is a lot less that those who’ve started using the electronic cigarette.

As far as safety is concerned, given the standard composition of e juices, one can quickly believe that these are indeed the safer choice than smoking tobacco, which substance contains thousands of toxins that can eventually cause cancer. E liquids, on the other hand, don’t hold these toxins, as a standard solution is made from vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and distilled water.

In fact, most of the e juices only contain one-thousandth of the toxins that comprise a regular cigarette. Of course, if you’re to buy e cig juice, it’s best to get it from trusted manufacturers. This guarantees that the basic ingredients are of good quality and are free from any impurities.

e liquidsHowever, nicotine, in all forms, is a habit-forming type of substance. As soon as it enters your bloodstream, you’ll experience a sense of pleasure. After a few moments, that pleasure fades away, leaving a feeling of tiredness. Your body seeks that pleasure again, and before you know it, your system will begin to have an increased nicotine tolerance. This is what makes you want to consume nicotine more in order to experience that sense of pleasure again, hence leading to addiction.

As far as second-hand smoke is concerned, the vapor clouds that come from every e cig device don’t pose any harm to others. Only a few places ban its use in public areas since its health risks are a lot less than second-hand smoke from cigarettes. However, clean air simply beats it if you talk about being healthy.

Real cigarettes give out toxic smoke, while vaping devices bring cloudy water vapor. The propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin in e liquids makes the vapor clouds possible. Each of these bases has been used in a lot of food products, which makes them relatively safe. Some e cig devices, however, may deliver several toxic substances such as nitro samines, lead, and formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen.

If, however, you are to vape indoors, you may want to think twice because the quality of the air inside your house may be compromised. After a certain period of vaping indoors, particulate matter, nicotine, and aluminum concentration in the air may increase, and these substances have been closely associated with certain cardiovascular diseases. Vapor released using e cigarettes, however, quickly disperse, so it’s best to do your habit outside.

Generally, the use of e liquids can be considered safe, but only if they are consumed through regular vaping and you’re not letting your skin get exposed to them. In its liquid form, though, nicotine can be poisonous, especially for children.

Security is one of the most important factors considered to live comfortably in a home. Most people take a lot of measures to secure their fences, gates, doors, or move to living communities that have reliable security systems. To complete this, the purchase of home safes is now a popular option among families who are seeking to secure documents and other important possessions from burglary, fire, and unauthorized use.

home safesThis is no longer just a practice limited to the extremely well off, because everyone has possessions that they cannot risk to lose, and there are already a lot of options for home safes that fit a more affordable budget range. These vary according to the application and how it is integrated as a part of the home. The types of home safes are as follows:

a.Fire-proof safes – the basic purpose of these types of home safes is to protect your valuables from fire. These are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of a fire without exceeding a specific internal temperature, normally 350oF or 177oC. A lot of models can withstand fire for at least an hour and this gives owners the time to extinguish the fire before accessing the safe. Commercial fire-proof safes can withstand extreme temperatures up to four hours after the onset of fire. These types of safes also go through impact tests to ensure that it will remain intact in case it falls off.

Fire proof safes are designed to protect your valuables against unexpected flame accidents however these are not always resistant to burglar attempts.

b.Burglar-proof safes – for those who live in unsafe neighborhoods or those whose valuables can be too attractive for thieves and burglars, these types of safes are the better option. These have superior steel welding construction and intensive security features that will make it hard for unauthorized people to break in. Some features include programmable digital lock, dual locking mechanism to include a keypad and a knob key, and live door bolts. They can also be vaulted into any surface, and are heavy enough to prevent thieves from stealing the whole box.

c.Combination or Composite Safes – these are popular types of home safes that can provide protection from fire, but are also packed with high security features to keep it safe from burglars. The outer frame is made of metal while the inner frame is made out of a special composite material. Fire-proof rating can range from one to two hours. Other composite safes can also protect your valuables from getting damaged by sudden flooding by coming up with an additional water-resistant feature.

d.Wall safe – this is a common type of safe that can be mounted on walls and positioned behind picture frames, paintings, cabinets, or even under wallpaper. Its advantage is in the fact that it can be easily hidden in unlikely areas of the house that the burglar cannot access. It comes with good security features however it isn’t able to hold huge valuables as the wall can only hold limited weight. It is often used for storing valuable jewelry pieces or important documents.

e.Floor safe – these are ideal for those who need to store valuables with large dimensions. Floor safes are normally mounted on concrete and wooden floors, equipped with electrical lock and knob. It provides excellent protection against burglary as most thieves do not always check floors for storage spaces, and concrete can be too hard to break. However, these types of safes cannot provide safety against fire accidents and flooding. These can also be a bit inconvenient for the owner to access as he will have to dismantle parts of his floor to reach his valuables. Ideal places to store these are in bedrooms or in attics.

One of the most exciting parts of playing golf is the moment when the player is about to putt. When you watch them do it, it seems effortless and easy. The truth is it’s not as simple as aim, swing, hit, and putt. It actually requires a lot of skill. Putting needs both physical and mental execution. Because of this, beginners feel most frustrated when they are in the putting green. For starters, let’s first learn more about the golf putters and then some basic putting techniques next.

Let’s first take a look at some of the elements of a putter. Knowing a few details would help you choose what to use when putting.


Find the right putter length for you based on your height and arm length. To do this, simply get a standard putter, get into your playing position, with hands placed under your shoulders while bending your shoulders and touching your rib cage. Your hips must also be over your heels. If your grip is on the shaft, then you need a shorter putter.

You can take note of the 3 variations of golf putters. The Conventional Putter ranges from 33-35 inches long. The long putter has extra-long handle and measures 48-52 inches. The belly putter is usually 41-44 inches long.


golf puttersThe length of the putter and its weight is related to the swing or to your putting stroke. When your putter weighs heavy, then it’s used for slow stroke; this, however, may cause the ball to fall short from the hole. Light putters allow fast stroke, but the tendency is to overshoot. The weight also depends on the material that was used on the putter head. “Dumb” putters are light and made of durable plastic, zinc or aluminum. “Smart” putters are a bit heavy and made of stainless steel, titanium or brass. The weight also depends on the head of your Golf putters.

Blade head –This is the most traditional type and is lighter and smaller.

Mallet – This is heavier and larger with a bigger sweet spot.

Next, let’s have some basic pointers on putting techniques. You need to have a basic routine, and continue to practice with it. Let’s try the following 5 steps:

Relax – You have to slow down your heart rate, make deep breaths, relax your nerves, and maintain a still and relaxed body. “Yips” refer to unrelated putting nerves resulting to poor putting.

Position – Make sure to have the correct and proper stance. You can choose the upright position especially when using the long or belly putter, or when you have back problems and cannot handle the bent position. The ball is always at the middle of your position. Maintain a triangle position of your shoulder and arms.

Grip – How you hold or grip your golf putters have impact on the path and direction of the ball. You can use the overlapping grip or the cross handed grip. The cross handed grip is best if you have an unsteady wrist.

Read the Green – This lets you know how much force to put in your stroke. Consider the length and thickness of the grass, the slope of the green, and the speed and direction of the wind. All of these would affect the speed and path of your ball.

Distance Control – Check the distance between your putter and the ball. You may try a 10 inch distance at first. Try different distances for your back swing and forward swing to know how far the ball will go for each applied length of swing.

Hoping this few information would help beginners to learn more about golf putters and putting techniques.


Extreme heat is often the number one enemy of both humans and machines. Heat makes people more easily tired, more temperamental, and a lot less efficient. Machines tend to work even slower with a reduced lifespan. When you want to beat the heat, misting fans work hard to make sure you keep your cool despite the scorching heat usually during summer. These types of fans shine especially in places where traditional air conditioning is not possible and ordinary electric fans just won’t do, like in open fields. How do they work though?

Misting fans cool the environment by using evaporative cooling. It does so with a lot less energy than air conditioners. It also just needs water instead of Freon, hence avoiding expensive Freon changes. Misting fans force out water through its jets with really tiny holes. This makes the water droplets really small and will almost instantly evaporate when forced out through the jets causing an almost instant cooling effect on the environment.

misting fansWhat’s the difference between a misting fan and an electric fan? To answer that question, let’s take a look at nature: why do places near the ocean seem cooler than places farther from it? To make it simple, the wind blows away water molecules from the ocean and therefore reduces the ambient temperature. The misting fan relies on that concept to work its magic. The misting fan is the combination of the ocean and the wind whereas the electric fan is only the wind.

There are people who choose to make their own misting fans using an aquarium pump, copper tubes, and a water cooler. This may not be the best idea since you could easily find a relatively cheap misting fan and the materials, time, and effort needed to construct a misting fan from these items may not be worth it. Since you need really small water droplets produced, the copper tubes need to have really small holes which results in greater water pressure coming from the pump. Aquarium pumps are generally not built for this and may break down quite early. Poorly constructed ones are also dangerous since water may leak into the parts of the electric fan and cause a short circuit or it could simply leak everywhere else.

You would often see a misting fan in greenhouses, zoos, open fields, and other places that usually are affected by intense heat and need relatively cheap and instantaneous cooling. You’d often see them in sports events as well. Other closed environments that would use a misting fan are often places that have huge machineries that need to be kept at a cool temperature. At home and in the office, air conditioning is usually preferred. If you’re on a budget though, you could still opt to use a misting fan since it’s a lot more environmentally friendly than an air conditioning system.

There are a lot more benefits a misting fan could offer than energy-saving instantaneous cooling. It also helps ionize the surroundings so that dust particles are lessened and electric shock from doorknobs and other metal items during a dry day will no longer occur because stray electricity no longer has to wait for you to touch the charged item to go back to the ground; it does so by clinging to the water particles and hence makes a less painful trip back to earth. Asthmatic people also find it easier to breathe due to the increase in water vapor around the room. If you’re looking for a way to keep your cool during hot summer days or a way to keep large, robust machineries running in tiptop shape without burning a hole through your wallet, a misting fan could be the best choice. Give it a try!

Author Bio:

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Mister and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

It does not matter whether a business is small- , medium- or large-scaled; every company has to deal with difficulties while working with the customers. Being able to sell to reluctant shoppers is also among the big challenges that business owners often encounter. Shoppers do not really act in exactly the same way. Yet, there are certain situations where customers are undecided while buying. This kind of scenario certainly happens from time to time.

live chatThe primary reason why shoppers tend to be hesitant is when there are a variety of options available to choose from. Acquiring a number of goods and services online by just doing a couple of clicks could be fairly easy. However, at times, it can be quite perplexing due to the fact that customers often desire to pick the best option with the most special features. To be able to powerfully persuade the shoppers who have a lot of other options, companies needs to be more advanced and innovative. For that reason, the initial step that the company should do to genuinely make a sale with a wavering buyer is to establish live chat software on the business website. The incorporation of this live chat support software is an infallible method for companies to strongly persuade the reluctant customers to make sure they do not get away from the site without purchasing.

1. It simplifies the process of online shopping.

Customers typically repel from eCommerce websites with an extremely complicated shopping process, particularly when they are purchasing through the internet. Complex and lengthy processes could commonly raise issues for the shoppers and could even push them away. By implementing live chat software, the chat agents can carry out smooth textual discussion with the clients and make an effort to answer their questions and concerns right then and there rather than making them lose time waiting for a response through phone or email. Hence, by being able to resolve all concerns instantly, companies can easily boost the likelihood of closing sales despite having hesitant customers.

2. It supplies instant and personalized assistance.

Personal temperaments and inclination vary from one customer to another. Even so, it is the responsibility of the business to understand the customers individually so they can offer personalized assistance tailored for their needs. With live chat software, the chat operators can supply immediate support and have person-to-person interaction with the clients that substantiate the entire experience. This, consequently, can help the companies in closing a sale with vacillant clients in a legitimate and suitable way.

3. It enables online visibility.

It is quite typical nowadays for clients to find a similar product at numerous online shops with precisely the same attributes and cost. Shoppers will likely hesitate in this scenario. They will probably take two courses of action: terminate the purchase completely or indiscriminately select a brand and opt for it. When customers become unsure, it gives the company an opportunity to make the smartest tactic. That should be to create an exceptional quality about their brand so they could instigate clients to make a purchase in an instant. It definitely is feasible if a company decides to implement live chat support on the site that guarantees round the clock availability of the chat reps. The live chat window can pop up and catch the visitor’s attention right away. This is where the reps can make them decide to purchase.

4. It helps win the wavering customer’s trust.

Trust is certainly the most valuable thing that customers need to encourage them to actually make a purchase even though at first they are still hesitant. However, when the company successfully satisfies the reluctant shoppers, the likelihood of enabling them to buy could simply increase tremendously. In order to earn the trust of the customers, organizations have to keep them mindful of every course of action they take. With live chat software, it is greatly feasible and easy to keep the customers involved and updated which in turn, raises their trust in the company.

Apex Chat is a live chat company that provides live chat software and service.

A long time ago, in the early days of the Internet, getting to the top page of the Search Engine Results Pages was something as easy as repeating a keyword in an entire article over and over again. This is no longer the case as the Internet has become smarter and more driven towards providing relevant content.

With Google andSEO Firm Yahoo at the frontlines, most websites now have to contend with the fact that they have to become an authority towards a certain topic in order to get a better page ranking. This is where the services of an SEO firm will come in. the only problem, however, is that there are a lot to choose from. So, how does one hire the right Search Engine Optimization Company?

1. Know What You Need

Before anything else, you must understand that the Search Engine Process contains quite a lot of activities and processes to help a site get to the topmost rankings. In other words, an SEO firm can provide quite a lot of ways towards your intended destination.

SEO-related activities include link building and removal, reputation management, retargeting, content marketing, audits and a whole gamut of services aimed towards making the site all the more visible and relevant in the Internet. To make it easy for you, you must first determine what you need from the SEO services.

2. Get Multiple Consultations

Once you have determined what you need, now will be the time to sit down with an SEO firm for consultations. Most of these consultations are free so the firm can impress their would-be customers and win their business over. On your part, this will give you the opportunity to learn more about who you dealing with and the quality of their work.

Unless you haven’t been won over by the first company you have negotiated with, it is best that you move on to another company and repeat the process. However, do not make this obvious to your prospective SEO Company. The reason for this is because this doesn’t make them compete harder for your business; it actually makes them compete less to win you over. This is most true for the best SEO companies out there where clients have to work harder to get their services instead of the other way around.

3. Get References

The prime question that you need to have answered by an SEO firm is whether or not they have the ability to get the job done. After all, nobody wants an incompetent guide to lead them through an unknown path. Since the firm still has no way to let you see the quality of their work, the best that they can do is to show you how they completed the tasks from other clients.

For instance, if you are a restaurant and you have picked a firm that has worked with at least 10 successful projects for 10 different restaurants, this can be a good indication that you are under the right hands. If your business model is quite unique, you might need a firm that has worked with clients with similar models and needs as yours.

4. Pick the Right Size

In the online world, bigger does not always mean better. Though a huge SEO firm can give you a lot of referrals and are most likely to succeed, it would not help your any bit if they have to shift focus from one batch of clients to another.

Instead, find an SEO specialist who has enough experience dealing with medium-sized businesses and can devote enough time for your site. That way, you can see changes within your business’s online visibility and relevance within a few weeks.

Getting the right SEO Firm can be daunting at first glance. However, it is surprisingly easy once you have set your goals and have done your research. In time, you will be able to get the right specialist to help you improve on your site’s online presence.

One of the many things that a newbie webmaster must realize early on is that he or she needs tools for SEO. This is true even if a webmaster have plans on hiring SEO companies or professionals. There are instances when some pages will need to be manually optimized or there are reports that need to be compiled and analyzed. Optimizing websites is actually a fun thing to do most especially when you are already seeing the positive results of exerted efforts. Even those individuals with no formal training in web development and programming could do the whole thing and this is through the help of current SEO tools.

Most SEO tools SEO Toolscould be found on the internet for free. In fact, search engines are the most common sources of these things out there. However, there are also paid tools that can be accessed from companies and entities out in the web today. When a webmaster is planning to build up his arsenal of optimization tools, he must pay attention to some factors that need to be considered before deciding on what to get. This is true even if he plans to get both free and paid tools as offered out in the web in the present day. It is easy to get intimidated by the sheer number of these things.

Of course, care must be exercised most especially when going for the paid versions of SEO tools. The last thing that any webmaster would want to happen is to pay much for a tool and then not be able to use it in the process. Free tools may be good but sometimes, these have hidden deals attached with use. These could include monthly retainers, subscriptions, or even referrals. Shopping for SEO tools is definitely not as easy as it looks. The good thing is that there are actually tips that could be used when it comes to this matter now.

One is all about knowing the actual needs of a website or of the webmaster as a whole.  Is it necessary to know how much traffic comes into the site on specific time periods? Is it important to know where most visitors are coming from? These are just some of the things that need to be clarified first. While there are SEO tools and services that are designed to function in multiple scenarios, some are specifically meant to do single types of tasks.  Knowledge about this will give a webmaster an idea of what features to look for in a tool.

The next tip is about looking first at what search engines have to offer. The tools offered by these search engines are already complete and are for free. The most popular is Google Webmaster Tools which is a compilation of all apps that would help a website owner or any SEO professional in site analysis.  Bing also has its own stuff to offer. It is called as Bing Webmaster Center which is highlighted by the presence of vital analytics features. These include metrics for whole site overview, traffic, indexing, and even stats on crawling.

When shopping for tools, it is also a good thing to consider the skill and knowledge level of the one who will use it. Many tools provided or sold in the online world today come with easy to use guides and tutorials. If a tool is a paid version, there should be some ways that its seller could provide tech support for the customer. This is something that should be looked for when trying to figure out what things to buy and which SEO tool provider to choose.

One more tip when paying for SEO tools is to go first for trial versions. It would show a webmaster if the product is really useful for his or her need.  When the usefulness of such a tool has been established, this is the time when paying for it could really be done. Shopping for SEO tools can be a fun and worthwhile experience. Researching before buying or getting anything will prevent disappointments from being experienced by a webmaster.