A Necklace Equipped with Usability

Product | Posted by Martha Monroe
Jan 23 2015

A necklace is defined as an accessory, a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck. It is said to be originated from the Stone Age, where people have started to bind rocks together with a piece of string-like material and put it around their necks as a type of early fashion statement or believed means of protection. In the modern times though, it could be made up of small links of chains and even some kind of fabric.

lanyard A Necklace Equipped with UsabilitySome types of necklaces have a pendant hanging on the center, while some necklaces are composed of pendants which could be stones, gems, and any of the like. The common purposes of wearing a necklace are to give added beauty to the wearer and to give emphasis or attract attention. Of those purposes mentioned, it would seem that a necklace is just pretty thing for wear, but actually, there are other things that could be considered necklaces that are pretty handy. If necklaces are defined as something a person wears around the neck, then lanyards would also be considered as necklaces.

Lanyards are woven fabrics worn around the neck in which each either has a hook or a loop of thread at the end used to suspend small things in such as identification cards, keys, whistles, penlights and other useful things. These are basically used in order to prevent loss and also for easy access to the things clipped on the lanyard, these are also very useful to everybody, and these are commonly seen worn by children at schools for their identification cards, even by employees, which is why these are part of the many trends today, not only for its useful purpose but also as an accessory itself.

Lanyards are made up of fabrics, threads woven up together in order to get a flat or circular shape. Since there are varieties of threads and sewing tools available, it is very easy to make and design a lanyard. It could be designed in many ways such as through colors, shapes and even logos. The common logos to be imprinted to it are company or school names or logos, and even those of support groups and even people. This designing is done in order for other people to take notice or to be informed of the logo as a means of either identification or to gather attention for help for the support groups and such.

The usefulness of lanyards has been proven by the people’s continued use of it, and also by its attraction to people. This is why not only are they worn around the neck nowadays, but also around the shoulders or even the wrists like a form of bracelet. The difference of it from jewelries is that these are able to carry small, significant things.

In a nutshell, accessorizing has always been a part of a person’s life, be it ancient or modern, especially a woman, and a necklace has been one of the most popular jewelry to wear because of its attractiveness. But then, improvements have been made because of the people’s constant change of needs, and they definitely needed an accessory more useful than that of a simple necklace, and thus, a lanyard has been made.

A type of accessory that not can only hold small, usable things up with a hook or a piece of thread, but can also serve as a way of identification, a way to get people’s attention, and also serve as a decent, fashionable trend. Lanyards not only provide people with the service of keeping their important things just by their chest, but also provide decency and identification.

The 5 Most Popular Keynote Speaking Niches

Motivation | Posted by Annie Haynes
Jan 21 2015

With the number of speakers out right now, it can be assumed that there is a wide array of topics that they offer to businesses and companies who are interested in enlisting their services for their corporate events. Given proper analysis of business trends in the market, speakers anticipate these trends and develop programs and speeches designed to address particular issues and problems that any given company might have.

 The 5 Most Popular Keynote Speaking NichesThese trends have created a pattern in the rosters that keynote speakers advertise on their websites. These niches would be a good start for research for any beginner in the business of keynote speaking.

1. Management Strategies –

Almost every speaker found on the internet today boasts of a comprehensive management program aimed at making people better leaders. These programs include management strategies, interpersonal communication skills, management style trends and as well as organizational models that are supposed to improve the way participants handle their people.

2. Sales –

The core desire of any business or company is to turn in profit. It is guaranteed that any keynote speaker has a sales module that is designed to help people acquire sales skills or improve the ones that they already have. These modules may contain buying trends and marketing statistics as well as communication styles that would prove useful to plenty of companies that seek to increase their revenue by developing the skills of their sales force.

3. Motivation –

This is a very popular area for most keynote speakers. This is because these programs are the most enjoyable and the easiest to work with due to the positive nature of the topic. Empowering people is usually a viral phenomenon especially if the speaker is well-known within this niche. These programs get the best responses from the audience which results in a more productive workforce during the immediate days after the speech. It can be said that almost every keynote speaker will have a module or two dedicated to inspiring and motivating others. These modules mostly consist of inspiring stories and activities that are tailor-made to get people to take a different perspective on their personal lives and make a conscious effort towards becoming better people.

4. Marketing –

This topic is closely tied to sales. Plenty of speakers host a variety of marketing topics that are aimed at enabling companies to reach out to more audiences or target markets. These programs usually have networking schemes, communication models and marketing strategies which are designed to help companies expand their reach. These modules are usually updated with new trends every now and then especially when new strategies are noticed in the market. Plenty of companies would certainly be interested in an outsider’s perspective on the market. This is why these topics are common in their rosters.

5. Communication –

The presence and popularity of these programs stem from the natural talent of these speakers when it comes to talking. The nature of their job demands them to be good at speaking; which makes them very reliable sources of programs and modules designed to help people who want to improve their communication skills as well. These modules may contain grammar reviews, vocabulary expansion sets and sometimes even Basic English lessons that most non-English speaking countries would benefit from.

It can be said that these areas of specialization are trending in the market as of today due to the fact that most successful keynote speakers were businessmen to begin with. Their roots and experiences have led them to develop and specialize in the skills that they already have; which is why they share them through their programs and speeches. But just like market weather and customer buying attitudes, this trend in topics is also subject to change depending on the market.

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It can be said that almost every keynote speaker will have a module or to dedicated to inspiring and motivating others. These modules mostly consist of inspiring stories and activities that are tailor-made to get people to take a different perspective on their personal lives.

Army Custom Military Coins Have a Long and Proud History

Military | Posted by Sylvia Wilks
Jan 21 2015

Custom military coins for the Army are a proud tradition that dates back to World War I and possibly even before that. Military challenge coins are medallions carried by members of a military organization as proof of their membership. They have the insignia or emblem of the organization on the face, as well as its motto and other identifying symbols. The challenge coins are usually presented by a commander to his men and may be used to reward meritorious service or performance above and beyond the call of duty.

Custom military coins are also given out by supporters of the military and other notable individuals as a sign of respect for the troops. In 2011, for example, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates distributed special challenge coins from his office through secret handshakes with various enlisted personnel. Presidents have also traditionally been recipients of military challenge coins, with President Bill Clinton notably displaying racks of these coins given to him on a credenza at the Oval Office during his term.

Custom military coins Army Custom Military Coins Have a Long and Proud HistoryThe popularity of challenge coins in the military burgeoned during the Vietnam War. They were reportedly created as alternatives to the live bullets that soldiers traditionally received as a reward for surviving a mission. The first of such coins were issued by the 10th or 11th Special Forces group and were simply ordinary coins that had been stamped with the unit insignia. Eventually, custom coins began to be created by individual units and started to be used in the infamous drinking games that challenge coins have long been associated with.

These days, custom military coins are a popular way for units to build morale as commanders present them to their men as a testament to their service. Special coins may also be given to those who have given meritorious service. Coins may also be presented to the family members of soldiers who have given their lives in the line of duty as a reminder of their valor.

Designing and minting custom military coins has become easier than it has ever been due to advanced technology. You can simply design a coin on a computer or ask the minter’s designers to help you realize your design. Once the design has been finalized, minting the coin is relatively easy. You can have just a few coins made or order them in bulk quantities depending on your requirements.

Challenge coins can also be given a wide range of design features. For example, you can have fancy borders such as cross-cut or rope-cut styles. You can also choose from a variety of metal styles that range from gold and silver to copper and brass. And they can even be given different finishes such as polished finishes similar to those of newly-minted coins or antique finishes that make them look like heirlooms.

A challenge coin can also be in a customized shape, such as coins in the shape of shields of badges. Having coins in these distinctive shapes not only helps them to stand out but also indicates who the issuer is. The face can also have a die-cut three-dimensional design and embossed text to make the coin more attractive and highlight their resemblance to a medallion rather than an ordinary coin.

Custom military coins for the Army serve as reminders of the continuity of the proud traditions of this branch of the Armed Forces. The men who carry one of these coins can identify themselves as a proud member of the unit they served with. And, if nothing else, being able to present one of these coins might save them from having to buy their own drinks.